Create 360° images in seconds with Skybox Lab

Have you ever wished you could create 360° images in just a few seconds? Well, it’s now possible thanks to Skybox Lab! This online tool is free and easy to use, accessible without registration.

With Skybox Lab, you simply enter your keywords in a text field, select a style and launch the generation of your image. In a few moments, you will have an incredibly successful and immersive result!

Below, three 360° illustrations I created using Skybox Lab, without any retouching applied.

The advantages of Skybox Lab

Skybox Lab is very easy to use. No need to install software or even create an account.
Skybox Lab is free.
The renderings obtained are very often of good quality, even for indoor environments.
The renders are ultra fast. Most of the time, a few seconds are enough to obtain a 360° image

The disadvantages of Skybox Lab

Customization of the style and content of the 360° image is limited.
The seam, i.e. the fusion between the two edges of the 360° panorama, is not always perfect. The same is true for the nadir and zenith. (this point may have been corrected since the writing of this article)
Sometimes the generation does not work. In this case, you have to remove some keywords or change the style of the image so that the rendering starts. (this point may have been corrected since the writing of this article)
It is not possible to modify any part of the panorama directly in Skybox Lab.

Go even further in the 360° creation

Although Skybox Lab is a great tool for creating 360° images, it is not perfect. That’s why I’ve decided to publish a course soon that will show you how to transform, enhance and fully customize your images generated on Skybox Lab.

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